East Staffordshire Sports Partnership works closely with community clubs and national sporting organisations to develop opportunities in PE and sport for young people. Each year we organise and deliver over 70 competitions and events for primary and secondary schools across the Burton and Uttoxeter area. Many of competitions form the Inter School Games Qualifiers to progress to County competitions. These events are also complimented by additional schemes delivered for the benefit of the schools to enhance sporting opportunities.

In addition to a variety of sports competitions, we provide a range of services to schools including training sessions for school staff, curricular and extra-curricular provision, opportunities for gifted and talented pupils and leadership development programmes.

To ensure children and young people have the best possible experience in sport at our competitions and events we ensure our Safeguarding policy and Health & Safety policy are up-to-date and fit for purpose. We also ensure that participants and spectators follow our codes of conduct which you can view here

                         Becky Furniss

Sports Partnership Manager SGO

                          Hannah Ward

           Sports Partnership Officer

Kiran Savage

Sports Partnership Primary Specalist

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ALL young people within East Staffordshire have access to sustainable structures of PE and physical activity.


Provide opportunities across all age groups that promote lifelong, participation of physical activity with our values at the core of our offer.